Sunday, December 17, 2006


My student fees go for this?

So complained CSU's (Northridge) African Student Organization President Marvin Boateng about a "get out the vote" campaign sponsored by the university? Marvin's beef? "All the hands on the card are white," he said. "This is what my A.S. fee is going to? Something that only represents one race of people?"

Wow. That sure is something with which to be preoccupied, eh? Not that big mid-term exam coming up, or the needed GPA to get into that honor society. Or even that upcoming post-graduate job interview. Nope. An ad which entices college students to pull that voting lever has too many "white hands" in it. (Actually, we thought the hand on the far right of the ad's picture kind of looks a bit "dark." Perhaps it is that of a light-complexioned African-American? A Latino? An Asian? Wait, scratch that last presumption -- we forgot that Asians are "not really minorities.")

According to a 2005 study done by the Office of Institutional Research, white students at CSUN make up only 32.1 percent of the entire student population.

Indeed. Which makes it all the more shocking that a university -- the most adept racial bean counters in the business -- failed to note this statistic when it groomed the ad.

Boateng brought the card to the attention of A.S. President Adam Salgado.

"That was overlooked. We should be paying more attention to things like that," Salgado said in a phone interview.

Salgado said that to his knowledge the hands were picked randomly.

A.S. Director of Elections Leonard Wong said, "It didn't really register with me when I approved them." He did admit that the hands do look like all white hands.

"We overlooked it and I take full responsibility," Wong said.

You'd better damn well, Mr. Wong! As a faux minority your actions are as suspect as those of the "oppressor" majority whites. And by taking full responsibility, you may be lucky enough to avoid a "sensitivity" seminar.

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