Sunday, November 05, 2006


Capitalism means racism

In the College of New Jersey Signal, writer Tom Stone offers this incredibly thoughtful headline: Racism hinders social progress, capitalism. Gee, you think? But Tom's headline is misleading. Tom would have you believe that capitalism is an outgrowth of racism:

For proto-capitalists, enslaving Africans was a practical choice. All they needed was some sort of "rationalization" for treating people as property - and this "rationalization" was found in racism. Crackpot pseudoscience of the era "proved" blacks to be "inferior to whites," while certain Bible verses seemed to morally justify slave ownership.

The thing is, Tom, capitalism was around for quite a while before European "proto-capitalists" began enslaving Africans. We tend to think Tom knows this, but being the committed Marxist that he appears to be, he needs to make his socially conscious point: "Hey, people -- racism exists in the United States. Oh, and capitalism is the main culprit." Tom quotes freely from Marx and Engels, Howard Zinn and Malcolm X, educating us pathetic minions on the virtues of world socialism and the dastardly evils of capitalism. You see, capitalism/racism results in people not being able to "unite and challenge exploitative social conditions," Tom says. We must admit this is news to us; because, our basic civics knowledge tells us that capitalist countries tend to have democratic governments which allow people to do a thing called "vote." This gives them an opportunity to "unite and challenge exploitative social conditions." It also seems to us -- correct us if we're wrong -- that Marxist countries do not allow such popular suffrage or, if they do, there is but one candidate on the ballot -- the communist candidate. Further, it seems to us that "social conditions" for people in capitalist countries are magnitudes more preferable to those of Marxist countries. Even the poorest in capitalist countries live better than your average Marxist country constituent. Why is this, Tom?

Tom feels the craving to remind us all what many people used to think back in the day, but what no clear-thinking American still harbors in his/her cranium -- that genetic differences should lead us to believe that one race is "superior" to another. Tom must be so immersed in the latest Chomsky treatise that he doesn't realize that the only such folk who still harbor such a notion are severely undereducated Caucasians with bad buzz-cuts and abnormally large forward brows. But that's usually the way it is with folks like Tom. It's easy to remain warm and coddled in the womb of academia, reading the utopian oratory of the greatest radical minds of our time ... then wonder, "Gee, what the hell is wrong with people? Can't they see how oppressed they are?" Then, you become like a Green or Libertarian party candidate in American politics: Flaunt your intellectual "superiority" while secretly (sometimes openly) mocking the mentality of the average joe.

If only the masses would "wake up," right Tom? If they did, they'd finally be able to enjoy the Shangri-La of the Cubas, Vietnams and North Koreas of the world.

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