Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We love community colleges

We try to not make a habit of picking on poorly written essays, or those lacking in historical knowledge. We also want to refrain from visualizing the classic Saturday Night Live skit titled "Community College Bowl" featuring Jeff Daniels as the beleaguered host trying to elicit just ONE answer from two panels of sub-700 SAT scorers representing a couple fictitious community colleges. But Mat Ozee's op-ed in Henderson Community College's "The Hill" has a juicy target on it, at least, in part, for a gag-type post. Mat writes:

Newt Gingrich is one man who has decided he wouldn't mind the possibility of being president.

This is very humorous to me however, because he got himself into a bit of trouble a few years back with taking money for corporations to get taxes breaks — among other things — and stepped down from speaker of the house, blaming it on the decline of the GOP back in 1998.

We're curious as to the "trouble" Gingrich got into regarding "taking money for corporations to get taxes breaks." That sounds worthy of a removable from Congress offense. The only thing we recall hassling Newt was that book royalty imbroglio. But at any rate, what are "taxes breaks"? And call us old fashioned, but shouldn't that be "stepped down from his Speaker of the House position"? (And we're not 100% certain, but isn't such a title worthy of capitalization?)

Why would we want to trust a quitter? President Bush may be incompetent, but at least he hasn’t ran for higher ground (although that would not be a bad idea).

"Hasn't run for higher ground"? Pardon our obtuseness, but we need just a little elucidation on that one.

Anyway, Gingrich would be a terrible president for the fact that we obviously cannot trust him.

Obviously Mr. Ozee isn't acquainted with very many politicians now, is he?

Moving on, Condoleezza Rice is another name in the hat.

We definitely do not need someone from this current administration running the White House for another four to eight years.

Our country could not handle that; gas prices would be $25 a gallon by year 2011.

Aside from the fact that gas prices have currently been plummeting like an anvil in a swimming pool for the last two weeks, right?

These big names aside, I am going back to the fact only the stingy conservatives are the ones who are still looking at this current presidency.

That is a good idea, but it shows that as a country, Americans have lost faith in a President who should have not been “given” his position. And yes, I do mean “given.”

Ooh, he means "given"! This is an obvious reference to the theory that in 2000, George Bush was "selected," not "elected." We really grow weary of this perpetual grievance; just as one counter, we'd like to say that for liberals -- who have a love affair with using the third branch of government to gain their political yearnings -- to suddenly detest the nation's high court for slapping down a rogue state court (Florida) who saw fit to rewrite election law, is just a bit chuckle-inducing.

And we certainly hope Mr. Ozee doesn't think election 2004 was another instance of an election anomaly...

Going back to Gingrich, if he is declaring his candidacy, then I want to push Congress to make an amendment to allow people not born in America, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, to run as well.

And the logic behind this thesis is ... ?

It is sad everyone has lost hope in our current President, although, who could blame them?

We're wondering how Mr. Ozee knows "everyone" has lost hope in President Bush. Currently, he has a 40% or so approval rating. That's certainly not terrific, but unless we failed that particular sixth grade math test, 40% equals quite a lot of people in a nation as big as the United States.

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